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Translated from Spanish: Chupitos means SHOTS.

Something we are very good in making. But anyone, who is a little bit familiar with us, knows that we represent more than just shots. Even though we are that good at making them.

Chupitos is all about bringing people together and creating magic. It's a vibe.

In 2010, we started with the first and only shooter bar in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam we first planted this idea that shots could be more that just strong drinks to get you drunk. They could be flavorsome, they could be spectular and they could surprise you. Quickly this idea expanded in to other cities, mainly Groningen and Utrecht.

Not only did we grew in locations, but our menu grew as well: from about 100 shots to 250 shots!
Always looking to develop both our menu and brand is what we strive to do. Renewal, growth and surprise is what drives Chupitos.

That being said, be on the look out! We have something new in store, very very soon.

- THE CHUPITOS CLUB - in Amsterdam.

We can’t wait to show you. 'Till then, stay safe.